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Womacs is a set of VBA macros to add Emacs style key bindings and commands to MS Word. It presents you an Emacs-like Word.

Bring The Light of Emacs to MS Word Users.

Key bindings[edit]

GNU Emacs like key bindings
Key binding Command Description
C-f forward_char Move point right one character.
C-b backward_char Move point left one character.
M-f forward_word point forward one word.
M-b backward_word backward until encountering the beginning of a word.
C-a move_beginning_of_line Move point to beginning of current line.
C-e move_end_of_line Move point to end of current line.
C-p previous_line Move cursor vertically up one line.
C-n next_line Move cursor vertically down one line.
C-d delete_char Delete the following one character.
M-d kill_word Kill characters forward until encountering the end of a word.
M-backspace backward_kill_word Kill characters backward until encountering the beginning of a word.
C-SPC set_mark_command Set the mark where point is.
C-@ set_mark_command Set the mark where point is.
C-g keyboard_quit Signal a `quit' condiction.
M-w kill_ring_save Copy
C-w kill_region Kill ("cut") text between point and mark.
C-c w delete_region Delete the text between point and mark.
C-y yank Paste
C-k kill_line Kill the rest of the current line; if no nonblanks there, kill thru newline.
M-u upcase_word Convert following word to upper case, moving over.
M-l downcase_word Convert following word to lower case, moving over.
M-c capitalize_word Capitalize the following word (or ARG words), moving over.
C-m newline Insert a newline.
C-u universal_argument Begin a numeric argument for the following command.
M-x execute_extended_command Read function name, then read its arguments and call it.
C-t transpose_chars Interchange characters around point, moving forward one character.
M-t transpose_words Interchange words around point, leaving point at end of them.
M-a backward_sentence Move backward to start of sentence.
M-e forward_sentence Move forward to next end of sentence.
C-x [ backward_page Move backward to page boundary.
C-x ] forward_page Move forward to page boundary.
C-s isearch_forward Do incremental search forward.
C-r isearch_backward Do incremental search backward.
C-z undo Undo some previous changes.
C-/ undo Undo some previous changes.
M-} forward_paragraph Move forward to end of paragraph.
M-{ backward_paragraph Move backward to start of paragraph.
M-v scroll_down Scroll text of selected window down ARG lines.
C-v scroll_up Scroll text of selected window upward ARG lines.
C-l recenter Move current buffer line to the specified window line.
C-o open_line Insert a newline and leave point before it.
C-home beginning_of_buffer Move point to the beginning of the buffer.
C-end end_of_buffer Move point to the end of the buffer.
C-x C-l downcase_region Convert the region to lower case.
C-x C-u upcase_region Convert the region to upper case.
C-x C-s save_buffer Save current buffer in visited file if modified.
C-x C-x exchange_point_and_mark Put the mark where point is now, and point where the mark is now.
C-x h mark_whole_buffer Put point at beginning and mark at end of buffer.
C-x o other_window Activate another pane.
C-x 0 delete_window Close current pane.
C-x 1 delete_other_windows Remove the document window split.
C-x 2 split_window_vertically Split the document window.
M-j l set_justification_left Align text to the left.
M-j c set_justification_center Center text.
M-j r set_justification_right Align text to the right.
M-j b set_justification_full Justify.
C-h k describe_key Display documentation of the function invoked by KEY.
C-h f describe_function Display the documentation of FUNCTION (a symbol).
M-\ delete_horizontal_space Delete all spaces and tabs around point.

MS word specific key bindings (these bindings are prone to change)
Key binding Function
C-c C-y Paste as plain text.
C-c C-c Toggle displaying all nonprinting characters.
C-c b Toggle bold
C-c i Toggle italic
C-c C-u Toggle superscript, such as X2
C-c C-l Toggle subscript, such as X2
C-c x Toggle strike through
C-c h Toggle highlight (yellow)
C-c r Toggle font color (red)
C-c 1 Style Heading 1
C-c 2 Style Heading 2
C-c 3 Style Heading 3
C-c 4 Style Heading 4
C-c 5 Style Heading 5
C-c n Style Normal
C-c d Style Normal Indent
C-c t Style Title
C-c [ ' Insert Single Opening Quote
C-c ] ' Insert Single Closing Quote
C-c [ " Insert Double Opening Quote
C-c ] " Insert Double Closing Quote


right click womacs.dotm and choose open.

press Alt+F11 to get the VBA editor.

double click module dotEmacs.

you can use global_set_key/global_unset_key here.



copy womacs.dotm "%userprofile%\Application Data\Microsoft\Word\Startup"

Caution: Before installing, you need to exit all MS-word. Perhaps, you may want to backup up the dotEmacs module of the old version.


run macro toggle_womacs to toggle womacs. It is handy to add a Quick Access Toolbar button for this macro (Project.Main.toggle_womacs).

Bug report[edit]

I have been developing Womacs using MS-Word 2010 and Win7 (Chinese Edition).

If you experienced problems, please visit and click Add new to submit bug reports.

Please include in bug reports the version number of Womacs in which you are running into troubles.

You can get the version nubmer by M-x version.

If you get an error like "Compile error in hidden module: ImeHelper" when invoking toggle_womacs, please download the latest version and follow steps:

right click and open womacs.dotm.

press Alt-F11 to get the VBA IDE.

At the top the ImeHelper module,


has_imm = 1


has_imm = 0

then save and reinstall.

If it does not work, please send me an email: duyanning at gmail com

note: The ImeHelper module is used to manipulate Input Method Editor which is common on Windows for East Asian. If you do not use IME, you can change 'has_imm' to 0.


I copied a few of code from another GPL-licensed free software VBAcs (

However, I learned a lot of knowledge about VBA and Word Object Model from VBAcs.

I am very grateful to the two authors of VBAcs: Christopher Rath & John Cooper.

Thank you!!!

Handy tools[edit]

In addition to imitating Emacs, Womacs also offers some useful VBA macros.